Viking Pirate Beer Mug


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Viking Cup, removable stainless steel inserts, cast with the best resin, hand-painted, this product drink and decoration can be.
By Dang Stewart to express your respect, which is the Viking series of exclusive products! This glass black cup body appears to consist of carved wood made, in the lower half wrapped around Viking knot. Circle Nordic Rune surrounded bottom junction design extends to the handle shaped like mjolnir. On both sides of the cup, a ferocious pirate skull stared out two intersecting ax thick brown beard braided ready to fight. The resin product of high quality casting, and professionally painted treatment of stainless steel with a removable plug for easy cleaning.

Material: Stainless steel
Capacity: 401-500ml
Color: as shown

Package Content:
1x Viking Cup

Additional information

Weight 720.0 lbs
Dimensions 170 × 260 × 40 in



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